Courses & Podcasts

A collection of courses, recorded webinars, podcasts, and songs on regenerative agriculture and related topics.

Online Courses

Kiss the Ground Speaker Training

Learn the content and train to present the most hopeful solutions of our time.

Game: The Hidden Life of Soils

Game with 42 playing cards.

Holistic Management Training

Online and face to face courses about Holistic Management Whole Farm/Ranch Planning. 

Savory Online Education

Five online, multi-media, and self-paced courses that will provide you with the solid foundation to excel in Savory's face-to-face workshops in the future.

Life in the Soil

Intensive courses to learn about the soil food web.

Organic Transition Course

An intensive online course specifically aimed at the transitioning farmer.

Free Permaculture Videos

Over 40 absolutely FREE videos by Geoff Lawton. Bringing you inspirational examples of Permaculture solutions.

Microscope Course

With Dr. Elaine Ingham.

The Soil Story Middle School Curriculum

Free middle school curriculum designed by Kiss The Ground and Life Lab to introduce young people to the magic of soil and the fascinating connection it has to the food we eat, our health and our climate.

Audio Conferences

Acres USA Audio Conferences

A database of audio learning resources about regenerative agriculture.

Audio Conferences with Rancher Gabe Brown (from Acres USA)

Topics covered: Building soils with cover crops -the 5 principles of building soils, high-stock-density grazing, and large-scale, rapid building of soil with cover crops.

Audio Conferences with Mark Shepard (from Acres USA)

Topics covered: Farm water management, forest grazing, silvopasturing, and agroforestry.

Audio Conferences with Don Huber (from Acres USA)

Topics covered: The science behind GMOs & herbicides, managing nutrition to control plant disease, and the impacts of glyphosate on soil, plant, animal, and human health.