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Webinar – Introducción a la permacultura

Online event

El objetivo de este curso es conocer los principios que rigen la permacultura. La permacultura es un tipo de sistema de diseño agrícola, con connotaciones sociales, políticas y económicas. En su base se encuentran los principios del ecosistema natural, persiguiendo adecuarse a los ritmos de la naturaleza.

Unleashing the Power of Education for the Future of the Planet


Co-convened at the invitation of the Future Economy Forum by the Climate Governance Commission, Dubai Cares, the Global Partnership for Education, UNESCO, UNICEF Generational Unlimited, the LEGO Foundation, and the 17 Rooms Initiative this meeting sets the agenda for a year of urgent action to ensure that by COP28, every country has a climate-smart education system. With schools reaching into nearly all communities, education can play a critical role in mobilizing climate action at the frontlines.

Webinar – Role of Agroecology in the Future KJWA

Online event

Looking at the future mandate of the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture to be agreed at COP27, with a special focus on the role that agroecology can and should play in food systems wide action against climate change and food security