Partner Network

We're dedicated to expanding our reach and building a global grassroots movement. We rely on dedicated local and international organizations to identify regional best practices, guide our global campaigns and ensure our message of hope through regeneration reaches even the most remote communities.


Access Agriculture
DEEP Network

EcoAgriculture Partners
Garden for Nutrition 
Global Ecovillage Network

Holistic Management International

IFOAM Organics International
Inga Foundation
Initiatives for Land, Lives and Peace
Rain For Climate 

Seed Freedom



Agricultural Biodiversity Community (India)
AgroEco Philippines (Philippines)
Adron Agro Engineers (India)
Almost Heaven Farms (India)
Amiha Agro Pvt. Ltd (India)
Association of Organic Farmers (India)
Carbon Farmers of Nepal (Nepal)
Civilized Agriculture, Payap University (Thailand)
Combating Poverty and Climate Change Foundation (Pakistan)
CSI Synod Department of Ecological Concerns (India)
Downtoearth (Philippines)
Earth Net Foundation  (Thailand)
Firfirey Organics (Nepal)
Foliage Unlimited (India)
Food Jungle (Brunei)
Floyera Foundation (India)
Global Seed Savers (Philippines)
GO Organics (Thailand)
Guru Ramdas Seed & Conservation Agriculture Farm (India)
Heavenly Farms (India)
HomelandGreen Limited (Hong Kong)
IPL Biologicals Limited (India)
Jeevanama (Pakistan)
Kovel Foundation (India)
Lipok Social Foundation (India)
NAPP (Network of Asia Pacific Producers Pvt Ltd.) (Singapore)
National Organics Pvt.Ltd (Nepal)
Navdanya (India)
News and Market (China)
Organic Lifestyle Magazine (Taiwan)
Organic Tribune Network (Iran)
PDS Organic Spices (India)
Permaculture Children's House Foundation (Thailand)
Permaculture Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka)
Pun Pun Center for Self Reliance (Thailand)
Sadhana Forest (India)
Sant Nikka Singh Agricultural Society (India)
Sarvasaara Agro Research and Technology Center (Sri Lanka)
Second Sun Systems (India)
Shumei International (Japan)
Silverbirch Associates KK (Japan)
Svyam Bane Gopal (India)
The Mushroom Initiative (Hong Kong)
The Tribals (India)
Thought For Food (Malaysia)
Vaishvikfoods Pvt Ltd (India)
VedicTree Foundation (India)
Walden Farm (China)
Wanca System Agribusiness (Indonesia)
World Consumer Federation Nepal (Nepal)

Latin America:

3Colibrís (Colombia)
Artisan Tropic (Colombia)
Asociación de Consumidores Orgánicos (Mexico)
Belize Ag Report (Belize)
Biosfera Farms (Mexico)

Bpofruits (Colombia)
Café Dos Contos
Casa Congo Conservation Society (Nicaragua)
Casa Roo (Mexico)
Confederación Agrosolidaria (Colombia)

Cooperativas Sin Fronteras (Costa Rica)
Children's International Foundation for Research Education and Peace (CIFREP) (Chile)
Cocina Intuitiva (Colombia)

Constelación: Collaborative Seedery (Argentina)
Durga's Den (Jamaica)
Ecotierras (Argentina)

El Maíz Más Pequeno (Mexico)
El Manzano (Chile)
Elisa Hortaliza (Mexico)
Estampa Verde AC (Mexico)
Fazenda Jacob (Brazil)
Finca Luna Nueva (Costa Rica)
Finca Marta (Cuba)
Finca Tierra Negra (Dominican Republic)
Fundación Semillas Ecológicas (Panama)
Hacienda las Imagenes (Costa Rica)
Hacienda Mirandillas (Mexico)
Haitian Farmers Association for Stability and Economic Development (HFASED) (Haiti)
Homestead Chile (Chile)
Insecta (Guatemala)
Instituto Mexicano para el Desarrollo Comunitario (IMDEC) (Mexico)
Instituto Sinal do Vale (Brazil)
Inversiones Las Carolinas SAS (Colombia)
Kairós Institute - Ethics and Responsible Care (Brazil)
La Botica del Alma (Chile)

Las Cañadas (Mexico)
Los Maitenes, Centro de Expasión Agroecológica (Chile)
Manos al Agro (Mexico)

Maya Mountain Research Farm (Belize)
Millones Contra Monsanto (Mexico)
Mutirão Agroflorestal (Brazil)
MUSAA - Mujeres por la Sosteniblidad Ambiental y Alimentaria A.C. (Mexico)
Pasticultores del Desierto (Mexico)
Pio Pio (Chile)
Plante Chuva (Brazil)
Pretaterra (Brazil)
Pro-Organic Belize (Belize)

Proyecto Ecológico Azuero (Panama)
Rancho Nextia (Mexico)
Rancho Raudal (Mexico)
Red Diamond Compost (Barbados)

Red Permanezca (Costa Rica)
Regeneration Belize (Belize)
Regenerativa (Chile)
Residuos industriales del Sur-Black Soil El Erial (Chile)

Rio Muchacho Organic Farm (Ecuador)
Rizoma Field School (Uruguay)
Secano Sin Sequía (Chile)
Sembrando Ideas (Colombia)
Suelo Fértil (Costa Rica)
Sustainable Harvest International (Belize, Honduras, Panama)
Stay True Organic Clothing (Argentina)
SVX Mexico (Mexico)
Tambo Roca (Chile)
The Working Nature (Mexico)
Tropical Agro-Forestry Ltd (Belize)

Universal Healing International (Belize)
Via Organica (Mexico)
Yolcan (Mexico)



Abundant Earth Foundation (USA)
Aggie Perilli Communications International

AgroArt (USA)
Ahavah Farm (USA)
Alter Eco (USA)
Altresco International (USA)
Angelic Organics Learning Center (USA)
Appalachian Grit (USA)
Arete Microbial Products, LLC
Becket Films (USA)
Biodiversity for a Livable Climate (USA)
Bionutrient Food Association (USA)
BlackFork Farms (USA)

Bloom Network (USA)
Buckpoint LLC (USA)
Carbon Farms International (Canada)

Cedar Circle Farm (USA)
Center for Food Safety (USA)
Center for Regenerative Agriculture (USA)
Center for World Indigenous Studies (USA)
Citizen Climate Lobby (USA)

Community Solutions (USA)
ConserWaterTechnologies INC (USA)
Conducive (USA)
Culture Den (USA)
Curb Appeal Fixers Landscaping (USA)

Demeter (USA)
DocTerre (Canada)
Dr. Bronner's (USA)
Dragonfly Ranch Educational Center (USA)
Earth Alive Clean Technologies (Canada)

Earth Open Source (USA)
Edible Forest Gardens (USA)
Elise Suronen (USA)
Environment Celebration Institute, Inc. (USA)

Environmental Education Media Project (USA)
Fair World Project (USA)
Farmbrite (USA)
Farm from a Box (USA)

Farm to Home (USA)
Fearless Farmers (USA)
Food Animal Concerns Trust (USA)

Foodwaze (USA)
Fresh Press (USA)
Gaia Herbs (USA)

GC Resolve (USA)
Global Wellbeing Institute (USA)
Glyphosate Girl (USA)

Green Cover Seed (USA)
Green Dreamer (USA)
Good Tree Farm (USA)

Hawthorn Valley (USA)
Holistic Management Canada (Canada)
iGiveTrees (USA)

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (USA)
Iroquois Valley Farms (USA)
Just Food and Water (USA)
K'allam'p (USA)

Kiss the Ground (USA)
Latitude | Regenerative Real Estate (USA)

Lazy B Ranch (USA)
LocalScale (USA)
Main Street Project (USA)
Malamaki Farm School (USA)
Marci Zaroff Sustainable Brands (USA)

Mercola Health (USA)
MetaWear (USA)
Millions Against Monsanto (USA)
Mosa Organic (USA)
Moon on the Mountain Farm and Fiber Arts LLC (USA)
Mulch Madness (USA)
Non Toxic Communities (USA)

Northeast Organic Farming Association, Massachusetts Chapter (USA)
nRhythm (USA)
NuLife Ventures (USA)
Ogema Organics (USA)

Omega-Alpha Recycling Systems (USA)
Organic Consumers Association (USA)
Pacific Gro (USA)

Peels and Wheels Composting (USA)
Permaganic Authenticated (USA)
Planted Cuisine (USA)
Powur (USA)

Praxis Project New Brunswick (Canada)
Project Grounded (USA)
Quivira Coalition (USA)
Quinn (USA)
Recovered Carbon (USA)
Regenerative Design Group (USA)
Regenerative Lifestyle Design (USA)
Regeneration North LLC (USA)

Regeneration Vermont (USA)
Regenerative Environments (USA)
Regenerative Rising (USA)
Regenerative Shift (USA)
Regenerative Stewardship (USA)
ReGenFriends (USA)
Rewild Sourcing (USA)

Rodale Institute (USA)
Régénération Canada (Canada)
Scarabée Regenerative (USA)
Seasonally Fresh
Seeds of Hope International (USA)
Shanao Cacao (USA)
Skinny Farm of Scio (USA)

Soil Carbon Coalition (USA)
Soil Centric (USA)
Soil4Climate (USA)
Soil Food Web School LLC (USA)

Soil Works LLC (USA)
Southfacing Tortuga (USA)
Steward (UDA)
Strategies for International Development (USA)

Studio Hill Farm (USA)
Terra Genesis (USA)
Texas Real Food (USA)
The Carbon Underground (USA)

The Hummingbird Project (USA)
The HyRail Inc (USA)
The Kamala Foundation (Canada)
The Philosopher's Stoneground: Regenerative Nut Butters (USA)
The Plant Doctor (USA)
The Rules (USA)
The Schoolhouse Life (USA)

Uncommon Health Solutions (USA)
Unity Unlimited (USA)

Valhalla Montreal (Canada)
Von Trapp Farmstead (USA)

White Clover Farm (USA)
Zero Foodprint (USA)



Abukem International E-Company (Nigeria)
Act for Change Consulting Limited (Kenya)
Africa Global Wealth Creation (Kenya)

Association pour le Développement des Initiatives Féminines (ADIF) (DRC)
Badilisha Community Permaculture Center (Kenya)
Bamboo-Equator UN Civil Society East Africa (Kenya)
Bareebo (Cambodia)
Bethel Business and Community Development Centre (Lesotho)
Binta Abubakar Dhacko LTD (Nigeria)
Bulogo Women's Group (Uganda)
Centre for System of Rice Intensification Initiative (CSRII) (Zambia)
Congo Basin Conservation Society (DRC)
Congo Green Brigade (DRC)
Doo Drop Inn Amalahla (South Africa)
E-Moto Limited (Kenya)
Earthwisdom Consulting (Zimbabwe)
Ecological Food Caterpillars Company (EFCC) (DRC)
Farmcoaches Ltd (South Africa)
Farmer's Pride International (Botswana)
Feed the Soil (South Africa)
From the Soil Up - RSA (South Africa)
GIERI Landcare Network (DRC)
Global Initiative for Environment and Reconciliation (Rwanda)
Good Samaritan Support Action (Kenya)
Green Mobilisation Initiative (Nigeria)
Growing Healthy Farms (South Africa)
Habiba Regenerative Agriculture Farm and Community (Egypt)
Health Excellence Permaculture company (Zimbabwe)
Innovations for Development (Uganda)
Institut Facultaire des Sciences Agronomiques (IFA) (DRC)
Kiradi Initiative Sierra Leone (Sierra Leone)
LEJEDED (Guinea)
Mangwende Orphan Care Trust (Zimbabwe)
Municipal and Community Development Forum (Camaroon)
Nia OT Foods Limited (Ghana)
NGO Evolution (Guinea)
Passion Aid Foundation Africa (Uganda)
Pilier aux Femmes Vulnérables Actives en RD Congo (PIFEVA) (DRC)
Regenerative Agriculture Association of South Africa(South Africa)
Rehma Humanitarian Foundation (Cameroon)

Roots Grown Deep (South Africa)
Rural Development Foundation (Uganda)
Ruth Stark's Hope kindergarten (Sierra Leone)

Sierra Leone Foundation for New Democracy (Sierra Leone)
Society Against Poverty and Hunger (Nigeria)
Society for Alternative Learning and Transformation (Kenya)

SMART Initiative (Kenya)
Strategic Poverty Alleviation Systems-SPAS (Kenya)
Sustainable Beekeeping and Human Development (SuBeHuDe) (Tanzania)
Sustainable Ecological Agriculture (Ghana)
Test and See Farming (Nigeria)
Tomorrow Cameroon Association (Cameroon)
Uddeshy Ltd (Mauritius)

Umoja Sustainable Organic Farming Initiative (Kenya)
Waste Zero Kenya (Kenya)
YICEUganda (Uganda)

Youth Path (Ghana)
Zimbabwe Organic Producers and Promoters Association (Zimbabwe)





Agricultura Regeneratio Association(Switzerland)
Agroecopolis (Greece)
Anadolu Meraları (Turkey)
BERAS International Foundation (Norway)
BioSim e.K. (Germany)

Biovision Foundation (Switzerland)
Driesenaar (The Netherlands)

Earth Live (Portugal)
Eating City (France)
Ekkofood (Spain)
Envirolizer (UK)
European Agroforestry Federation (France)
Fair united Network (Belgium)
FLORA (Italy)
Foundation AgriNatura for Agricultural Biodiversity (Poland)
G5-alternatives (Belgium)
Ginkyo (Netherlands)
GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ (Estonia)
Green Shoots Foundation (UK)
HollyRose (UK)
IDEAA Regeneration Systems (Spain)
Kissing the Ground Europe (UK)
KRES Network (Netherlands)
Localvore (France)
Lifeworks Global (UK)
Mali Veni Farm (Greece)
Malva Permaculture Farm & Botanic Garden (Turkey)
Millennium Institute (Switzerland)
National Association for Genetic Safety (Russia)
SeaNexus (The Netherlands)
Soil Heroes Operations B.V. (the Netherlands)

Open Team (France)
Pink Tea Cafe (UK)
Pure Graze (The Netherlands)
RAIN (Regenerative Agroforestry Impact Network) (UK)
reNature (The Netherlands)
Roots of Nature (UK)
Schlossgut Alt Madlitz GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

SHE (Sibenik Hub for Ecology) (Croatia)
Soil & More Impacts B.V. (Netherlands)
Soil Heroes Foundation (Netherlands)
STUPA Onlus (Italy)
Sustainable Pulse (Bulgaria)
Symposium Aufbauende Landwirtschaft (Germany)
The Carbon Farm (Channel Islands)
The National Forest Gardening Scheme (UK)

The Norwegian University College for Agriculture and Rural Development (Norway)
The Pastoral Collective (UK)
The Peoples Hub (UK)

Three Pools Farm (UK)
UN Food and Agriculture Organization (Italy)
WeForest vzw (Belgium)

World Permaculture Association (Italy)


Buy Pure New Zealand (New Zealand)
Garden Farming (Australia)
Grow Love Project (Austrailia)
Harkaway Taonga Trust (New Zealand)
Healthy Soils Austrailia (Austrailia)
Malibu Orchards (Hawaii)
Moorelia Farming (Austrailia)
Organic Investment Cooperative (Australia)
Quantum Agriculture (Australia)
Rachael Treasure (Austrailia)

RegenAG (Australia)
Regen Farming News (Australia)
Soils For Life (Australia)
Southern Blue Regenerative (Australia)
Taruaeaki Organization (Kiribati)

Tarwyn Park Training (Australia)

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