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Don’t Be Duped: GMO Deregulation Compromises Food Transparency

Next week, the European Union will vote to deregulate GMOs. Deregulating GMOs poses serious risks to consumer freedom of choice and the environment.

Key reasons we must maintain oversight and transparency around genetically engineered foods:

  • Consumer Right to Know: Polls consistently show that most consumers want foods containing GMOs labeled. Deregulation removes the right to make informed choices. Consumers deserve transparency about how their food is produced.
  • Contamination Risks: Deregulation will make traceability and segregation of GMO and non-GMO supply chains difficult, if not impossible. It will also increase the chances of unwanted GMO contamination, putting non-GMO, organic, and regenerative markets at risk.
  • Unintended Consequences: New GMO techniques can make unpredictable genetic changes (off-target effects). Without regulation, potential human, animal, and environmental health risks could go unstudied before widespread exposure.
  • Environmental Impacts: Genetic engineering can create unintentional effects, like fostering herbicide-resistant superweeds. Oversight helps identify ecological risks before they spiral out of control.
  • Reduction of Independent Science: Deregulation marginalizes the role of independent, third-party safety assessments in favor of industry studies. Balanced scientific input is essential to understand impacts.
  • Slippery Slope: Deregulation opens the door to faster and riskier GMO development with less review. This dangerously short-sighted approach undermines sensible precautions that protect our food system.


Preserving GMO oversight and labeling upholds the Precautionary principles of social responsibility. Join us in rejecting any attempts to deregulate or redefine GMOs and stand up for environmental health, freedom of choice, and transparency in our global food supply.