Fairtrade America’s 2023 Trends Include Regenerative Agriculture

Fairtrade America, which has a food-packaging label certifying that social justice and sustainability standards have been met, released its five key trends that will drive consumer choices and brand action in 2023.

Despite inflation and rising prices on groceries, research shows that many consumers are still making thoughtful choices while shopping, choosing products that align with their values, according to a news release.

Fairtrade America asserts that these shoppers are becoming increasingly interested in and informed about supply chains, sourcing and product sustainability. And that means fresh produce brands will need to invest in practices that drive loyalty among discerning consumers.

“Responsible shoppers in the U.S. are demanding that companies and governments drive transformation that benefits the people who grow our food and protects the planet,” Fairtrade America Director of Commercial Partnerships Carlos Urmeneta said in the release.