A Brief Reflection on Year 2023: Regeneration International Africa 

As Regeneration International team different parts of the world, we are counting our wins, pains, and lessons that were embedded in the year with deep gratitude and a meek spirit. 2023 was a true depiction of what life and living systems work really is. It’s a package of plans, that unfold into unknown and unexpected ends, the pieces of our work as a movement keep moving simultaneously. Us, on the same note have kept self organizing to continue building and standing up for the most important work on the planet. Regenerating the future, our planet and all life. 

The support provided to RI goes a long way in providing the global team with many opportunities to contribute in the movement building both at farmer and global scale. The funding and partnership support has been pivotal to supporting the outreach we achieved through the Peoples Food Summit- 2023 segment, where we got over 800,000 views for Africa alone. This outreach has done more than just expose the work of different partners that shared their work at the summit, but also created a platform for work synergies. 

Through the regional partnerships, we are continuing to contribute to the body of knowledge in the agroecology movement; developing courses and sharing knowledge and lessons in hands on work initiatives as well strengthening small holder farmers initiatives in landscape level regeneration to enhance ecological, economic and social stability.

The weather patterns are becoming more uncertain, it is worrying especially because smallholder farmers feel it the most. On the other hand, global platforms like COP seem to continuously  make a mockery of the strategies suggested by the movement to urgently address the issue of climate emergency. Thankfully we still have partners in the movement that have forged ahead and continue to bring the smallholder farmer voices to these platforms. We, also believe that continued work on the ground by and with farmers is important to building evidence and showing that there’s hope for changing the current narrative.  A combination of efforts at all levels is one of our greatest advantages. 

Continuously, we are seeing the importance of collaborative efforts in movement building, sharing  experiences from  ground work, influencing policy, and science. Engaging with  different partners that work at different capacities across the African continent, enables us to bring all aspects of change together.  When we accelerate intersections of network collaborations, we begin to experience the transformation we hope for. 

2023 was filled with incredible collaborations with regenerative and agro-ecological partners and we hope for even better opportunities in 2024. As a team we also have a lot of exciting plans that will see us engaging more and more with our global partners. We have great hope for a wonderful year ahead for the movement.