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Webinar – Benefits of Rotational Cattle Grazing

July 16

Join Casey Toews from Fishburn Ranch to learn about how rotational cattle grazing is rebuilding grassland ecosystems.

Benefits of Rotational Cattle Grazing

Did you know that Alberta grassland ecosystems adapted with the movement of bison? If done right, cattle grazing can mimic this movement to help regenerate grassland soils! Join Casey Toews as we chat about the importance of having bovine grazers on the prairies for soil health, sustainable forms of cattle ranching that depart from conventional feed lots, and the benefits of eating grass-fed AND finished-beef.

About the Presenter

I am Casey Toews. My wife, Jaclyn, and I work on my family’s ranch and are behind the production and sales of our grass-finished beef. We are passionate about how living soil, green grass, and happy cattle can work together to create healthy, delicious beef and we want to share not just the best beef in the world but also a connection to what and where it comes from!