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Webinar – Love your soil!


Join us for this webinar as we dig deep into understanding soils, presented by passionate gardener and facilitator Kat Lavers

Understanding soils and how to build their health and fertility, increase their water and nutrient holding capacity and balance pH, and nutrients is the most important step you can take towards a continual good harvest!

Join Kat Lavers as she discusses why soil health has many implications for the health of your plants, levels of pest damage and even the exposure to heavy metals like lead. This webinar will focus on understanding the how and why of soil, & some examples of putting this into practice (eg. compost, worm farming, bokashi, chop and drop mulching) as well as basic soil testing techniques and guidance.

This is a free online workshop for Melbourne gardeners, however registration is essential.

This My Smart Garden workshop is proudly presented by City of Yarra