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Webinar: Practical advice for a veg box scheme built around customer choice


This OGA webinar will hear from Sandy Lane Farm on why they changed their veg box model. What happens if you give customers what they want when running a veg box scheme?

Just over a year ago the team at Sandy Lane Farm decided to switch from offering veg boxes with fixed contents to a new model built around customer choice. They already had what they thought was a successful scheme so why change? It seemed more logical (and more common) for small scale schemes to make their veg boxes fit around the growers, rather than the customers.

With the right software and a few changes to the the packing process, giving the customers the option to swap veg in or out of their veg box no longer seems daunting and complicated. Putting the customer at the centre of the veg box business has meant customer retention is up, basket spend increased and customer numbers rising.

Join us in this exciting webinar as we hear from George Bennett, a grower at Sandy Lane Farm in Oxfordshire, who will give us some top tips and advice on making this change, including how to get your communication right, how to change your packing processes, and how to plan your crops around this model.

More about Sandy Lane Farm

Sandy Lane is a traditional mixed organic farm in the South Oxfordshire countryside. Growing organic veg makes up the majority of what they do but they produce organic eggs from the flock of 400 laying hens and rear small herds of pigs and sheep. The farm has been registered organic for over 30 years and grow over 300 varieties of veg, from large field scale root crops to delicate salad leaves and herbs.

Running a veg box scheme and farm shop means they can grow on scale, maximising the length of the growing season and breadth of produce. The team are passionate about farming with nature and looking after the biodiversity around them and sustainability is at the heart of everything they do.