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Webinar – What lies beneath? The hidden world in soil that feeds our planet


Come along to hear how crucially important soil biodiversity is to our future food security. Can agriculture be soil friendly?

We need healthy soil to feed the world.

Healthy soil is a complete ecosystem of its own with macro and micro flora and fauna, including worms, microbes and fungi. This underground ecosystem is key to food security and sustainable food production. However, whilst the biodiversity crisis is increasingly in the news, the incredible world beneath our feet is rarely mentioned.

Food security has to be tackled if we’re to respond effectively to the climate crisis. Many places where we currently grow food will not sustain crops in the future. Not only that, farming, agriculture and food production all play a part in creating emissions that are fueling the climate crisis in the first place.

At this event, we’ll hear from a range of experts about the importance of soil biodiversity and its role in food security. Our speakers work across the globe on research, policy and implementation. They’ll cover the latest research, including how soil biodiversity-friendly agricultural techniques are already being used successfully. Speaker and panel as follows.