Food Security

The "4 per 1000" Initiative

France has officially launched the "4p1000 Initiative" to combat climate change and feed the world through regenerative agriculture.

Agroecology and the Right to Food

What is most important is to take steps that facilitate the transition towards a low-carbon, resource-preserving type of agriculture that benefits the poorest farmers. This can only happen by design, through strategies and programmes backed by strong political will, and informed by a right-to-food approach.

Healthy Soils are the Basis for Healthy Food Production

The most widely recognized function of soil is its support for food production. It is the foundation for agriculture and the medium in which nearly all food-producing plants grow.

Support Our Efforts to Reverse Climate Change

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Despite their scarce and dwindling resources, small farmers continue to be the world's major food producers. A study from GRAIN found that across a diverse range of countries, the data shows that small farmers produce a much larger proportion of their nations' food than might be expected from their limited landholdings.

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