Educational Handouts

Links to printable educational resources on regenerative food, farming and land management

Este es un detallado y extenso manual acerca de nuestro Proyecto del Billón de Agaves.

Regeneration International Brochure

We need to do more than just cut back on the amount of carbon we are releasing into the atmosphere. We also need to draw down the carbon that's already up there. Fortunately, the solution is right under our feet.

This foldable brochure features full color imagery in a small portable package.

 We can solve global warming by properly managing the earth’s soils using tools we already possess. By transitioning to organic regenerative farming and land management practices we will slash GHG emissions, and draw down billions of tons of excess atmospheric CO2 and store rain water, and increase soil fertility.

Este es un detallado y extenso manual de introducción a los principios básicos de la agricultura ecológica y su aplicación.

Soil Carbon Restoration: Can Soil Biology do the Job?

This 16 page paper provides one of the best overviews of how regenerative agriculture removes excess carbon from the atmosphere.  This paper aims to get people on board for this inexpensive and practical way to save the planet by detailing the problem of carbon dioxide buildup and climate change, how carbon can be taken out of the atmosphere and restored to the soil, and the advantages that can come to farmers and consumers from growing in carbon-rich soils.

Rodale Institute "Regenerative Organic Agriculture"

This detailed infographic explains how regenerative agriculture works and its potential to reverse climate change.

Whole Landscapes,Whole Communities

This mini Barefoot Guide is an introduction to the Seed Knowledge Initiative (SKI) partners’ journey of landscape-level work with communities in the Southern African region.

Regenerative Agriculture as a Climate Solution Leaflet

This printable leaflet introduces the basics of regenerative agriculature, with it's impact on both the climate and healthy soils.

One Page Handout on Regeneration International 

This one-page handout provides an overview of RI's mission and work. It's a great handout for events.

4p1000 Burning Questions Booklet

This four-page booklet includes seventeen important questions and answers about the 4p1000 Initiative.

Soil Health Benchmarks

The Soil Health Benchmark Study is designed to help farmers monitor and evaluate the nuanced soil health strengths and challenges that can exist simultaneously within their fields.