Companies, NGOs and Scientists Come Together Behind New Definition For “Regenerative Agriculture”

Representatives from over 100 countries, including virtually all areas of food production, manufacturing, retailing and soil science have, for the first time, come together on a unified definition for the quickly emerging “Regenerative” approach to growing food that has been shown to provide multiple benefits to food security, health, and climate change.


Eating Our Way to Collapse

Industrial agriculture is a hazard to the environment, and the health of people around the world. With a limited window of time, change is crucial if we want to nourish, and not just feed, people and our planet.


The Regeneration at Studio Hill: A Slideshow

In an effort to raise awareness about the other carbon sinks on planet Earth, I gave the following slideshow showing the (reletively) immediate positive effects that can be had by restoring the natural carbon cycles of a piece of land to sequester atmospheric carbon back into the soil and the trees.


Gabe Brown’s Five Keys to Soil Health

Scientists, and even National Geographic magazine, are banging on Gabe Brown’s door to study how soils are improving on his 2000-hectare property. Their studies find increasing NPK and organic carbon despite no inputs used. To anybody looking in, it’s not just his use of cover crops which is eliminating fertiliser use. Brown promotes five keys to soil health.