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The Nitrogen Problem in Agriculture

The manufacture of synthetic fertiliser is highly energy intensive. One kg of nitrogen fertiliser requires the energy equivalent of 2 litres of diesel. Energy used during fertiliser manufacture was equivalent to 191 billion litres of diesel in 2000 and is projected to rise to 277 billion in 2030. This is a major contributor to climate change, yet largely ignored.

One Empire Over Seed: Control Over the World’s Seed Banks

The free exchange of seed among farmers has been the basis to maintaining biodiversity and food security. However, a great seed and biodiversity piracy is underway, not just by corporations but also by super rich billionaires whose wealth and power open doors to their every whim. Leading the way is Microsoft mogul, Bill Gates.

Un mensaje de Vandana Shiva para el Día de la Trabajadora y el Trabajador

Estamos viviendo 3 pandemias simultáneamente: la pandemia del coronavirus, la pandemia del hambre y la pandemia de destrucción de los medios de vida. Las tres pandemias tienen sus raíces en un modelo económico basado en las ganancias, la codicia y el extractivismo, que ha acelerado la destrucción ecológica, agravado la pérdida de los medios de subsistencia, el aumento de la desigualdad económica, y polarizado y dividido la sociedad en el 1% y el 99%.

May Day Message from Dr. Vandana Shiva

We are witnessing 3 pandemics simultaneously: the Corona Pandemic, the Hunger Pandemic and the Pandemic of Destruction of Livelihoods. All three pandemics have their roots in an economic model based on profits, greed and extractivism, which has accelerated ecological destruction, aggravated loss of livelihoods, increased economic inequality, and polarised and divided society into the 1% and 99%. On this May Day in times of the Corona Crisis let us imagine and create new economies based on Earth Democracy and economic democracy to protect the earth and humanity.

Navdanya Farm Hosts Third RI General Assembly in India

Thirty eight representatives from more than thirty organizations met at Dr. Shiva’s Navdanya Farm to network and explore next steps for Regeneration International, a cooperative of stake holders committed to promoting small scale organic farming as a solution to climate change.

The Seeds of Vandana Shiva

In a regenerative world, it’s OK to eat meat, but if you’re going to do so, it’s imperative to transition to organic, grass-fed and free-range–and not in the quantities Big Ag and Big Food would have you do. Any other way and we are contributing to global warming, impacting our health and, by the way, engaging significantly in animal cruelty.