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Main Street Project Hosts Carbon Farmers and Ranchers to Share Midwest Regenerative Agriculture Model

Each year, Northfield-based Main Street Project has made strides in its goals to develop community-based, regenerative, sustainable agriculture in and around Northfield. It’s made enough progress now to be an example for others.

At the end of June, a few dozen people from all across the Midwest made their way to Northfield to see and learn about Main Street’s systems and consider how they might bring elements of the operation back home.… Read more here

What is No-Till Farming?

Climate change scientists recognize that healthy soil plays an essential role in sequestering carbon. Adopting regenerative agricultural practices across the globe could sequester global annual greenhouse gas emissions.

What is Biochar?

Biochar technology shows promise in mitigating climate change and improving soil quality, as well as reducing waste and producing energy as a byproduct. But what exactly is biochar and what is it made of?

Healthy Soil: Good for the Farmer, Good for the Planet

A recent New York Times Magazine article, “Can Dirt Save the Earth?,” examines the practicality of regenerative agriculture. The piece begins with John Wick after he bought a ranch in Marin County, Calif., and began a quest to learn how to sequester carbon in the soil.