The international agreement to increase soil organic matter and carbon sequestration with regenerative agriculture and land management.

What is 4/1000?

Think of the 4/1000 as a Global Declaration of Interdependence, an acknowledgement and a pledge, from people all over the world, to commit to a plan to regenerate our planet. 4/1000 is a global agreement to reverse global warming, soil degradation, deteriorating public health and rural poverty by scaling up regenerative food, farming and land use practices. In simplest terms, 4/1000 calls for the global community to draw down as much CO2 from the atmosphere as we’re currently emitting, and at the same time stop emitting other greenhouse gases. Learn more about 4/1000 on the initiative's official website here.

A Tool for Organizing Planetary Regeneration

The 4/1000 initiative is the only global local-to-national climate strategy to sequester excess carbon from the atmosphere as a means of reversing climate change. As such, it is a powerful tool you can use to educate your community and lobby for policies and programs to support the regeneration of the planet.

Who can join?

  • States, local authorities, or International Organizations
  • Public/private funding bodies, foundations, etc.
  • Civil society, associations, NGOs
  • Agricultural and Forestry Producers' Group
  • Private companies
  • Research Organizations and Training Institutes

Activists in dozens of countries worldwide are now using the 4/1000 initiative as an outreach tool for recruiting individuals and organizations to join the regeneration movement. Our hope is that these coalitions will lobby representatives at the city, county, state, national and international levels to pass resolutions supportive of the 4/1000 initiative.

We need as many organizational and governmental bodies to sign on the 4/1000 initiative and commit to actions that will advance regenerative agriculture and land management. As an activist, organizer and citizen you can ask your local civil society organizations, schools, and local government to sign on to 4/1000 and to start taking action.

Regeneration International’s goal is to get 100,000 community-based organizations and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to sign on to the 4/1000 Initiative by 2020, ultimately inspiring a global grassroots movement.

How to Join the Initiative

Groups who join as partners of the 4/1000 initiative become part of the international community who support regenerative land use to reverse climate change and commit to taking actions to increase soil carbon. To become a partner of the initiative a group will sign the “Declaration of Intent of Support for 4p1000”.

When a group signs on to 4p1000 they:

  1. Acknowledge the earth’s soils are in dire need of regeneration and play an essential role in reversing climate change.  
  2. Commit to strengthening public policies, research, and actions to promote regenerative agriculture for the purpose of maintaining or enhancing carbon stock in agricultural soils.
  3. State the goal it has set for itself, the types of action to be taken, the relevant timetable and the dedicated resources. 

Using the links below, visit the following sections of the official 4p1000 website for resources and examples of actions different groups can commit to taking as they sign on to 4p1000.   

Learn More: The 4p1000 Toolkit

  1. Watch this short introductory video
  2. Read this in-depth explanation of the 4p1000 initiative.
  3. Read 17 Important Questions and Answers About 4p1000 [download pdf]
  4. Visit the 4p1000 website for more extensive information and resources. Read through the suggested actions structures can commit to.
  5. Read the Declaration of Intent for the 4p1000 Initiative. This is what groups will be signing on to.
  6. Read “First Steps Toward Building a Regeneration Movement in Your Local Community” for suggestions on how to build support around 4p1000.
  7. See and use this Powerpoint Presentation “Reversing Climate Change with Regenerative Organic Agriculture” by Andre Lui.
  8. Check out the Sign the Initiative page here.
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