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As the Great Plains Disappear, a Path to Better Farming

Destruction of the Eastern portion of the continent’s prairie region — the tallgrass part — was caused by conversion to corn and soybean fields and is nearly complete. Less than 1 percent of the original tallgrass prairie ecosystem survives. Farmer’s like Gabe Brown and showing us a better way to feed the world.

Conventionally Farmed Land Is Literally Dirt Poor. A Vermont Couple Has Set Out to Change That.

When Jesse McDougall and his wife, Cally, took over the Vermont family farm they chose to regenerate their soils. Vermont, along with other states, is pressing for policies that support regenerative farming.

Living Soils: The Role of Microorganisms in Soil Health

A better understanding of soil microbiology is essential if agricultural production is to meet the needs of a growing world population. In many regions, the healthy microbe population is still being threatened, and not promoted, by agricultural practices.

UN Warns Human-caused Soil Contamination Threatens Global Food Security

Soils are polluted due mostly to human activities that leave excess chemicals in soils used to grow food, the United Nations reports.

World Has Three Years Left to Stop Dangerous Climate Change, Warn Experts

Avoiding dangerous levels of climate change is still just about possible, but will require unprecedented effort and coordination from governments, businesses, citizens and scientists in the next three years, a group of prominent experts has warned.

Toxic Clothing Affects Everyone

The clothing industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, and the textiles they produce may be laced with irritants and disease-causing chemicals.

Our Land. Our Home. Our Future

Over the next few decades, worldwide, close to 135 million people are at risk of being permanently displaced by desertification and land degradation.

As Climate Change Threatens Food Supplies, Seed Saving Is an Ancient Act of Resilience

A group of volunteers in the northern Montana city of Great Falls met in the local library to package seeds for their newly formed seed exchange, and to share their passion for gardening and food security.

What You Wear Matters! Quick Guide to Organic Cotton

Textile Exchange releases Quick Guide to Organic Cotton, an overview of the positive impacts of organic cotton, including frequently asked questions and supporting facts that indicate organic cotton is the preferred fiber choice compared
to its chemically produced counterpart.

Video: Restoring Paradise

At Mangarara, in New Zealand’s beautiful Hawke’s Bay, Greg Hart and his family are in the process of restoring 1500 acres of land conventionally farmed for over 150 years into the paradise it once was.