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Regenerative Agriculture Initiative Seminar: Rebecca Burgess

Rebecca Burgess, executive director of Fibershed, speaks at the Regenerative Agriculture Initiative at Chico State University in February of 2017. Fibershed, a non–profit organization, develops regional and regenerative fiber systems on behalf of independent working producers.

Sage Advice for Young Farmers

Here are a few of the food and farming luminaries who have lavished the next generation with words of wisdom.

Fighting Climate Change on the Farm

U of A scientists will study new ways to stop climate change this summer at a farm just north of St. Albert with the help of a federal grant.

Qu’est ce que l’agriculture régénératrice?

« L’Agriculture régénératrice » décrit l’ensemble des méthodes d’agriculture et de paissance qui, entre autres bienfaits, aident à inverser les changements climatiques en reconstituant la matière organique et en restaurant la biodiversité d’un sol dégradé. Cela résulte dans la capture du carbone dans le sol et dans améliorant du cycle de l’eau.

Want Healthier Soil? Link It to Crop Insurance

Scientists now say incentivizing soil health would improve food security and sustainability, especially as the climate changes.

Rooting the Fashion Revolution in the Soil

With the conscious consumer Fashion Revolution underway, we need to dig down to the soil level. We need to ask deeper questions of brands and ourselves about each material ingredient and process throughout the life of a garment; we need scientists and activists to take the fashion industry seriously as a contributor to global climate change, and we need to invest in Climate Beneficial systems.

Seeing the Pasture for the Trees

Published on: April 19, 2017 RONKS, Pa. — Shaded pastures are among the more challenging conditions faced by anyone trying to establish a productive pasture. This scenario varies but often involves a grazier who wants to set up a very intentional form of silvopasture, managing both trees and forage to balance the productivity of both. […]

Connecting the Dots on Ag and Climate Change

On the climate and agriculture front, there is reason to hope. While agriculture is currently a big part of the climate change problem, it has the potential to be a big part of the solution.

Regenerative Agriculture Can Save the Planet

Tom Newmark, Tim LaSalle, Andre Leu and other leaders in the movement discuss regenerative agriculture, as a way to rebuild soils, produce nutritious food and address the growing threat of climate change.

Patagonia’s New Clothes Are Made From Poop and Dried Beetles

In an effort to dye its clothes without using toxic chemicals, the green-minded apparel company is making its new Clean Color Collection with natural dyes sourced from 96 percent renewable resources. Those include dyes derived from the poop of silkworms, dried beetles and byproducts of food waste, Patagonia announced Thursday.