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Regenetarians Unite!

If we each take responsibility for our section of the garden as consumers, at global scale we can make a significant impact on mitigating climate change, drawing back down atmospheric carbon previously lost from soil, and sequestering it as stable organic matter.


Grabbing the Bull by the Horns: It’s Time to Cut Industrial Meat and Dairy to Save the Climate

When we think of the big drivers of climate change, cars and air travel often come to mind. But transformations over the past century in the way food is produced and consumed have resulted in more greenhouse gas emissions than those from transportation. The biggest culprits? Industrial meat and dairy.

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What Happens When Fashion Becomes Fast, Disposable and Cheap?

The top fast fashion retailers grew 9.7 percent per year over the last five years, topping the 6.8 percent of growth of traditional apparel companies.

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Cotton Trade: Where Does Your T-Shirt Grow?

Most cotton growers in Bangladesh are exposed to deadly pesticides – but Susanna Rustin visits a ground-breaking project in Benin.

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Fast Fashion Is Creating an Environmental Crisis

Fast fashion is speeding up trends and shortening seasons. If clothing is more than a year old, it’s likely dated and most secondhand stores won’t take it.

Felicia and Juan Jose photo by Edilberto Trujillo

On the Frontlines: Training Small-Scale Farmers in Regenerative Agriculture

Sustainable Harvest International’s holistic training model empowers farmers in Central America by providing, over a period of several years, the knowledge and resources they need to successfully transition regenerative agriculture and develop markets for their products.

Man demonstrates how an organic coffee farm reuses plastic bever

Biodynamic Farming Is on the Rise – and This Californian Farm Is Embracing It

“Biodynamic agriculture treats the farm like a living organism, self-contained and self-sustainable,” Candelario says. “Biodynamic is what organic farming has emerged from. It’s the way farmers have farmed for millennia, before the advent of industrial agriculture.”


Biodiversity on Organic Farms in Telangana, India

Most commercial agriculture around the world comes in the form of monocultures, where whole fields are devoted to a single plant. It doesn’t need to be that way.

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The Touch, the Feel, of GE Cotton?

USDA’s proposal to deregulate and allow into the environment yet another GE variety will inevitably lead to damaging effects on non-GE crops, native plant species, and environmental biodiversity.

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Microfiber Madness: Synthetic Fabrics Harm Wildlife, Poison the Food Supply and Expose You to Toxic Chemicals

The world’s aquatic animals don’t enjoy when we do laundry. Clothes made from synthetic fibers shed tiny plastic microfibers in every wash.