How Cattle Can Fight Climate Change

Farmers of the Sahel have a great challenge facing them, but as with all great challenges there is great opportunity. Hopefully, the farmers will see this opportunity and rise to the occasion, improving their local food security, increasing economic opportunities, decreasing desertification and reversing climate change all through the power of regenerative agriculture.

Respected Environmentalist on the Side of the Livestock

At the World Meat Congress, Savory warned industry leaders they have no time to lose in changing public opinion about cattle — a necessary first step before policy-makers can propose truly new thinking like his own recipe for using properly managed livestock to restore soils to health, making them once again capable of storing vast amounts of carbon.

Mitigating Climate Change on the Farm

As organic agriculture has proven time and time again, management practices that benefit the environment also make farms more resilient. A recent article in CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmer) magazine features organic farmers and ranchers who sequester soil carbon and build resilient production systems in the face of a changing climate.