Ramseyers Using Nature As a Blueprint for Beef Grazing

Jeff and Michelle Ramseyer raise around 250 cattle in an organic rotational grazing system with neighboring grain farmer, Dean McIlvaine. The Ramseyers provide the livestock and the labor while enhancing the fertility and controlling weeds on McIvaine’s farm ground for their Lone Pine Pastures operation in Wayne County.

How Cattle Can Fight Climate Change

Farmers of the Sahel have a great challenge facing them, but as with all great challenges there is great opportunity. Hopefully, the farmers will see this opportunity and rise to the occasion, improving their local food security, increasing economic opportunities, decreasing desertification and reversing climate change all through the power of regenerative agriculture.

Respected Environmentalist on the Side of the Livestock

At the World Meat Congress, Savory warned industry leaders they have no time to lose in changing public opinion about cattle — a necessary first step before policy-makers can propose truly new thinking like his own recipe for using properly managed livestock to restore soils to health, making them once again capable of storing vast amounts of carbon.