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The Fate of Planet Earth Lies in the Hands of Just Two Generations, Warns Climate Columnist David Wallace-Wells

The burning of fossil fuels and chemical-intensive industrial agriculture are the main drivers of climate change.
The good news is that humans have the power to stop, and potentially reverse, climate change. The best solution to climate change is to harness the power of Mother Nature in the form of organic regenerative agriculture and the restoration of forests, peatlands, mangroves and other ecosystem habitats capable of drawing down and storing excess atmospheric carbon.

How Will We Produce Food in the New Era of Climate Extremes? The Solution Lies in The Soil

With one more generation of farmers removed from the land, rural folks have little political representation or food purchasing power. The true power lies in the hand of an intellectual urban food consumer. If we are all truly committed to greenhouse gas drawdown, the consumer must demand a more nutritious, regenerative approach that starts to pay the farmer (and others involved in food production) a fair wage.

Regeneration: Updates from Around the World

Ever since its creation in 2015, Regeneration International has been working locally to strengthen a global movement of solidarity. Since the beginning of the year, several workshops, conferences and regional and international meetings have been held to nourish and connect the global regeneration movement. Regeneration Belize held its first General Assembly. In Kenya, we will be present at World Soil Week. And in Chiapas, Mexico, we will participate in the First Mexican Congress of Agroecology.

Soil Health Champion Gabe Brown Featured on Commemorative Wheaties Box

A pioneering, regenerative agriculture farmer from Bismarck, North Dakota, Brown recently received the
commemorative box from the General Mills Sustainability Team. The
cover is a special tribute to Brown’s work as a regenerative agricultural advocate and educator. It is also
emblematic of the food giant’s renewed commitment to expand the use of soil health-improving
practices among General Mills’ cereal grain growers.